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Power Balance wristbands: A big scam

When I attended a recent cheerleading competition I noticed a large crowd around one of the vendor booths. Being curious, I investigated and discovered that the attraction was a product that made grand claims to improve balance and infuse energy not to mention cure almost any ailment known to man! 

I walked away, knowing it was a bunch of hooey but I was concerned that so many people were paying $30 for a worthless piece of plastic.  The manufacturers of these wristbands rely on the placebo effect which is based on a person’s belief or expectation that something (a pill, a technique or a device) will be effective. 

Power Balance is currently being sued for making false claims. At this time 15 lawsuits have been filed against Power Balance in California, Florida, Alabama, and New Jersey. 

 The company claims that “specific energies are isolated and light encoded into an aluminum-silicon based medium.” And, “The Mylar material at the core of Power Balance has been treated with energy waves at specific frequencies. The resulting Mylar is believed to resonate and work with your body’s natural energy flow.” 

A snake oil salesman couldn’t have said it better! There is no scientific evidence to support this. 

Australia has stricter advertising regulations than the US and after investigating the bracelet’s claims, concluded that they were baseless. The chairman of the country’s Competition and Consumer Commission announced last year that “Power Balance has admitted that there is no credible scientific basis for the claims and therefore no reasonable grounds for making representations about the benefits of the product.” 

Power Balance had to publish the following statement in Australia: 

“In our advertising we stated that Power Balance wristbands improved your strength, balance and flexibility. We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims and therefore we engaged in misleading conduct.”    The company offered a full refund to anyone who felt they had been misled. 

Here’s the truth: There is no quick fix to improving performance.  If you are serious about excelling at cheerleading, be prepared to work hard at your mental and physical game.  Discipline, attention, and intention all contribute to excellence.  Not a piece of plastic.

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2 Responses to “Power Balance wristbands: A big scam”

  1. Allison Logan Says:

    Hi, I was recently at a competition, and i saw bracelettes like this. I’ve been so foused on overcomming a year long tumble block, so I’ve been willing to try anything that might help. I spent $30 on one, but I didn’t feel any different after putting it on. I wore it for a few days not feeling the effect, untill the braclette broke! I wish i would have read this article before wasting my momey on this scam

  2. Dr. Pam Says:

    Well Allison, I’m sure you aren’t the only one who was duped! I saw a big crowd of interested buyers. If you need help with a block, please read all of the articles on this blog related to mental blocks and also check out Debbie Love’s site –

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