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Last Minute Cheerleading Tryout Tips

Some cheerleaders wait until the last minute to get help preparing for tryouts. While this certainly is not recommended, there are a few things you can do to help you get ready. One girl wrote to me the day before her audition!  Even so, she was able to implement my suggestion and she made the team! 

Again – I do NOT advise that you wait till the last minute but if you do, consider these tips: 

  • Calm down!  An anxious body is a tense body and a tense body will not perform as well as a relaxed body.  The quickest way to calm down is to exhale as slowly as you can at least 5 times.  Say to yourself, “With each out-breath, I am relaxing more and more.” 
  • Focus! The breathing technique will assist you in getting focused, too.  As you are either learning new choreography or getting ready to perform, focus is essential.  So – exhale slowly once and say to yourself, “Focus” or “I’m ready – now!” 
  • Visualize! Depending on how much time you have, watch some videos of cheerleaders executing the skills you will be called upon to perform. (YouTube has plenty of videos but make sure you are watching someone who is performing the skills accurately!) Give your full attention to watching the films and as you do, imagine how you might feel if you were that athlete. Then try to “see” yourself in place of the cheerleader on the video.   
  • Attitude! As I mentioned in my last post, a positive attitude can be a selling point. Show the coaches that you are friendly, eager to learn, reliable, a good teammate – all the good stuff that a cheer coach would want. More than anything else, attitude is totally under your control. 

If you would like more detailed information about how to prepare for tryouts, take a peek at my training program – The Mental Game of Cheerleading: Tryouts!  It consists of 2 audio CDs plus a 50 page workbook.  You have the option of investing in the 2-CD package or get the digital version for much less!

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4 Responses to “Last Minute Cheerleading Tryout Tips”

  1. Olivia Says:

    Im so nervous about tryouts!! they are in 2 weeks. Last year I didnt make it. I need some tips for cartwheels!! thanks.

  2. Dr. Pam Says:

    Hi Olivia,
    It’s hard when you don’t make it but this is a new year and a new beginning, right? It looks like you read the post where I offered some tips for last minute preparation. I can’t add much to that except to encourage you to take the info seriously and apply it. Remember your anxiety is normal but you may be making it worse because of the story you are telling yourself. You may be telling yourself something like, “I’ll never make it,” or “they won’t like me.” These thoughts are distortions and they undermine your performance. Practice the tips I offer here: Calm your body by focusing on your exhale. Exhale as slowly as possible several times. When you feel relaxed think of a “power word” you can use to associate with this calm feeling…may it’s just “calm.” Then at the tryouts, repeat this word to yourself as you exhale slowly. A relaxed body creates a relaxed and focused mind which you will need to perform well. Remember, coaches want girls they like and they know will be friendly, helpful, enthusiastic and reliable. Smile and display your friendiness to the other girls.
    Good luck and let me know how you do! (If you want more detailed info, you might consider investing in my “The Mental Game of Cheerleading: Tryouts” program. The digital version is only $47.) Cheers! Dr. Pam

  3. Cache Says:

    Thank you very much for such great tips. I’ve tried out for cheerleading , but I didn’t make it because of my voice and also the first time , I felt as I was embarrasing myself , so I stopped in the middle of a chant that I hadn’t fully learn . This year I’ll be trying out again as a freshman cheerleader, but I have more confidence now than the previous two years: however , I thought about not trying out because others laughed and I’ve been put on the spot alot these last two day , but that shows my potential to do better. I will be using these tips this Thursday. Thanks again.

  4. Dr. Pam Says:

    Thanks for your compliment! I’m glad you found the tips helpful. I’m impressed with your courage and persistence. Your improved confidence will go a long way in helping you succeed! Good luck!

    Dr. Pam

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